My name is William J. O’Hara IV, but please, just call me Bill.   I have an education in aerospace engineering and geophysics and I work at NASA’s Johnson Space Center.

I created this blog to give myself the opportunity to collect my thoughts about things that interest me.  In reading my posts you may find descriptions about a variety of things from Meteorites to Widow’s Mites, places from Valley Forge to Valles Marineris, and people from Walter Johnson to Walter O’Reilly.  Some of these topics may also interest you, but some may not. Fortunately, I’m not writing for you, but for me.

I’m in my 40’s now and I’ve seen and experienced a lot of this world, but I’m not so foolish to say that I’ve been-there-done-that for everything. There is still much to learn and do. My wife and kids would probably describe me as a rather weird fellow – prone to talk at length about the revolutionary war at one moment and then excitedly about the planet Mars the next. I may read a text book about ancient roman history one week and then another text book about astronomy the next. I may go head long into remodeling a bathroom  – relishing in the feeling of accomplishment – and then spend hours repairing antique cameras or vacuum tube radios for fun. I may go hiking in the mountains or car camping with the family one week and then be engrossed in helping NASA meet goals in manned spaceflight the next.  You may find me at a coin collector’s show one weekend and then rock and mineral show the next.  What can I say?  I’m fascinated by the universe around us.  I’m fascinated about the sequence of events that has produced our galaxy, our solar system, our planet and its neighbors, our human race and our society.  I’m fascinated to think of what’s next – another 50, 100 or 500 years from now.   It’s a  story that spans through unimaginable spans of time and fantastic distances in space. That’s what it comes down to really – Time and Space. And so the name of my blog was born.

My posts and comments are my own personal opinion and do not reflect those of my employer or NASA.